About Us

At Coco-Vivo, daily interactions with the jungle, the ocean and its inhabitants, keep us constantly in awe of, and eternally grateful to the nature around us.

We are here to assist our guests to seamlessly unite with this wild environment - while maintaining a high level of comfort and fun. All of our energy here is generated from Solar panels, our water is collected from the rain, and our waste is composted.

Our goal is to acknowledge human's impact on the earth and the ocean, and we strive to maintain a healthy role in our eco-system. We are always open to learning new ways of interacting with nature, and of decreasing our destructive impact.


Take Into Consideration

•  Although the unique location and service are valued with 5* on AirBnB and TripAdvisor, this is not a 5* resort.

•  Isla San Cristobal is very remote, with no roads- everything is a boat ride away. A tiny shop, bar and restaurant are only accessible by boat or kayak.

•  We do not have a an endless supply of water or Electricity as we rely on solar panels are rainwater catchment, although we rarely overdraw our supply, please use consciously.

•  The retreat is located in a rustic, rough jungle. This comes with wildlife of all sorts and variations, including spiders, scorpions, snakes and a wide variety of bugs and insects. The Chitras (no-see-ums ) love us and even though our cabins are adequately equipped with bug proof nets, it's wise to bring bug spray.

•  The temperature in Bocas del Toro is hot and humid all year round. Be prepared to sweat. However, a dive in the refreshing Caribbean Sea and the fans in the rooms are easy solutions.

•  Allergy alert: Cats and dogs live at CocoVivo.