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CocoVivo is located on the southern tip of Isla de San Cristóbal, Bocas del Toro, Panamá.

For reservations and general inquiries please e-mail us or find us on AirBnB!

How to get here?

Travel by Air

There are 1-hour flights from Panamá City's domestic airport (PAC) into Bocas del Toro Airport (BOC). If you fly from Panamá City you will need to go from the international (PTY) to the domestic airport (30-minute taxi ride /$35), unless you fly with AirPanama, which departs from both airports. If you can book a flight from the international airport before 1:30PM you can make it into Bocas del Toro the same day. If you travel from Costa Rica you can book a flight from San José (SJO or SYQ, 1 hour). Take into account that there is also a $28 international departure fee from Costa Rica. Always try to book flights to Bocas del Toro in advance, Skyscanner might help. Once you or your group has arrived at Bocas del Toro airport, which is located on Isla Colón, the Virginia's Dock is a 10-15 minute walk or $1 taxi ride away. There we will happily meet you for the pre-arranged boat pick-up.

Travel by Bus

For an alternate, more cost-effective means of transportation, using the bus system may be the way to go. If you travel from Panamá City you can take a taxi ($35 from the international airport) to the Albrook Bus Terminal. From this terminal (night)buses leave to Almirante, which takes 10-11 hours. Unless it's a national holiday it's unnecessary to book your bus tickets in advance, but if that gives you peace of mind: The bus ticket office numbers are 303-6326 and 303-6327 in Panamá City and 758-8127 in Bocas del Toro. If you travel from Costa Rica you can save money by taking a bus from San José. You can either take a bus to Changuinola and then take a bus to Almirante, or take a bus to the Sixoala border, do the border crossing procedure by yourself, take a bus to Changuinola and then another bus to Almirante. If you take a bus directly to Changuinola you will be traveling with Transportes Bocatoreños (phone: 758 - 8511 in Panamá and 2227 - 9523 or 2259 - 1325 in Costa Rica), which departs at 9AM just north of the Coca Cola Bus Terminal in downtown San José in front of the Hotel Cocori. The ride takes about 7 hours, but take into account that the waiting time at the Sixoala border can take a few hours in high season. In Almirante you can take a taxi ($1) to the boat gas station or any other preferred pick-up point where we will be glad to meet you for our boat pick-up.

The Boat Shuttle

The best means for transportation from the mainland to CocoVivo is by boat. When booking with us, you'll be in contact with the host, Lazare, in order to coordinate a pick-up from the nearest dock in the Bocas del Toro province, the Bocas del Toro Airport in Isla Colón or from the bus station in Almirante. The cleaning fee ($70) includes the pick-up and drop-off by boat from one of these locations (30-minute ride).