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Where the Jungle
meets the Reef

why visit cocovivo

We are a 55-acre off-grid conservation project turned eco-retreat on Isla Cristobal in Bocas del Toro. Here are some of the reasons to visit us: 

You will see a sloth. Guaranteed!


Magical encounters with animals are a daily occurrence here at CocoVivo. Not only sloths, but howler monkeys, kinkajous, frogs, and dolphins.


The food here is not only fresh and local, but prepared by 5-star chefs. The three course dinners rival the very best restaurants in town.


Starlink internet: about 40 Mbps in the cabins, and over 200 Mbps in the Reef Center!

The coral is the #1 reason to visit Cocovivo. The reef is healthy, vibrant, and right at your fingertips. Snorkel gear is free at our Reef Center.  


See bioluminescence, and better yet—swim in it! A real-life fairy tale. 

cocovivo reef cabin 2.jpg

Whether you’re on the paddle board or the hiking the sloth loop, our dogs will be your protectors. You will fall in love with Capitan and Mazoo.


what people say

We've been on Airbnb since 2014 and a Superhost since 2017.  With nearly 700 reviews across all our cabins, we're the top-reviewed, top-rated Airbnb in Bocas del Toro.  Hear it directly from our guests:

Find us

Cocovivo is an off-grid retreat located on the southern tip of Isla de San Cristóbal, Bocas del Toro, Panamá. Our secluded location is a 30-minute speedboat ride away from the nearest town, and there are no roads on the island. This is nature-immersion at its best. 

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