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To everyone who came because of the toaster: sorry to disappoint!

Many of you may not know, does not allow us to write our own property description. I believe they have a bot that does it based on the boxes you check when setting up the account. Ours is.... hilarious (see below). But also irritating. They asked us to send a bullet point list of inaccuracies, so this is what we wrote:

-We do not have a garden in the traditional sense (only jungle) -We do not have a barbecue -We are not in Bocatorito -Our rooms are not on a hill -We do not have a toaster or coffee machine. -What does it mean to have a "terrace"? -Diving is not available in the area -What is "Buena Vista"? - this is not a point of interest -There is no mention of snorkeling, coral, dolphins, sloths, bioluminescence, or our shipwreck!

Phew! That's a lot. It's amazing we get any reservations from at all given one of our most notable highlights is apparently a toaster!!!


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