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CocoVivo Tours and Activities

Welcome to CocoVivo, a unique paradise for the curious and adventurous. CocoVivo is not your typical hotel; it is an eco-retreat designed to offer nature-seekers a more immersive experience of Bocas del Toro, both in the water and in the jungle. Many activities here at CocoVivo are free, but for a deeper connection to the area, we recommend signing up for one of our carefully crafted tours, unique to CocoVivo! 

Free Activities

  • Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle boarding, Kayaking The reef at CocoVivo is one of our best kept secrets. Not only is right on your doorstep, it's one of the healthiest and happiest stretches of coral in all of Bocas del Toro. To make it as accessible as possible for guests, we offer basic complimentary snorkeling gear in a wide variety of sizes, as well as stand up paddle boards and kayaks. The snorkel gear can be found at the Reef Center, which -- as the name suggests -- is also the launching point for swimming and snorkeling. Please do not touch the reef, both for conservation reasons and for your own, as there are many sea urchins ready to give you a spiky splinter. Don't be surprised if a school of dolphins splashes by you; they also love it here! 

  • Hiking around our 55 acre property. CocoVivo began as a reforestation project and now our jungle is teeming with life. Keep an eye out for sloths, howler monkeys, and kinkajous along the path. Having trouble spotting these critters on your own? Book our popular Jungle Tour and one of our local guides will reveal the secrets of the rainforest.

  • Paddling to Ernie’s Chicken Shack across the lagoon For a midday snack, grab one of our kayaks and paddle to the local village directly across the lagoon. When you tie up, ask the locals there to point you towards Ernie’s Chicken Shack for a local fried chicken treat. Like many places in the tropics, their hours are unpredictable, so don’t go when you’re starving!

  • Yoga at the reef cabin (mats are in the loft over the kitchen) When the weather is calm, there’s nothing more relaxing than spreading out a yoga mat at the Reef Center with 360 degrees of sparkling water as a backdrop for your downward dogs.

  • Spot wildlife at night Borrow a bright headlamp at the reef center, and look up into the trees - we see Kinkajous almost every time!

Tours (Always Offered)

Jungle Trek (Most Popular)

  • A walking tour of CocoVivo’s 55-acre biodiverse grounds that leaves right from the Reef Cabin. Trek through thick jungle foliage and climb small waterfalls. Learn to identify the trees, fruits, and creatures of the jungle. Your guide will take you to the secret hideouts of the jungle’s more exotic species: sloths, howler monkeys, and kinkajous, and we will be looking for fresh tropical fruit and coconut water on the way.

  • We provide rubber boots and bug repellent. Long pants recommended. 

  • Difficulty level: Moderate - you will be walking in a creek and scrambling up a waterfall

  • Duration: 2-3 hours.

  • Cost: $24 for one or two people, $8 per additional person. 

Frog Discovery Adventure 

  • Researchers from all over the world come to Isla Cristobal to study our frogs - especially Oophaga pumilio, the strawberry poison-dart frog, famous for its widespread variation in coloration. We call our population the “blue jeans” morph, and you will see why. 

  • This frog-scouting adventure is a beautiful and intense hike through some undeveloped swaths of jungle with awe-inspiring trees whose roots may be taller than you are! In addition to frogs, odds are you'll also see a sloth or two and maybe some howler monkeys. This hike is also on CocoVivo land, but only accessible by boat.

  • We provide rubber boots and bug repellent. Long pants recommended. 

  • Difficulty level: Adventurous: Deep into the jungle, steep hillsides and slippery slopes

  • Duration: 2-3 hours.

  • Cost: $45 for up to three people, $10 per additional person

  • Options: (+$20/hr, independent of group size)

  • paddle there or back, and explore the mangrove tunnel (+1h)

  • go further! There are several hours worth of trails (+1-3 hours)

Visit a Local Village

  • CocoVivo could not exist without our local community. Our property manager was born right here in Tiera Oscura, and we integrate local crafts and building techniques in the design of all our our cabins. This tour will offer a glimpse of what it's like outside of the expat bubble of Bocas Town. This adventure involves a short walk with a chance to see monkeys and sloths. 

  • Duration: 2-3 hours

  • Cost: $45 for up to three people, $10 per additional person

Indigenous Fishing Wisdom

  • See the traditional fishing techniques of the Ngabe people in the lagoon! Go fishing in a traditional dugout canoe (or kayak, if you prefer a more stable boat) with a local Ngabe guide who will show you where the fish are, how to catch them, and how to clean them. 

  • Duration: 1.5h

  • Cost: $24 for up to 2 people, $8 per additional person

Chocolate Farm

  • Green Acres is a privately owned and operated working chocolate farm and botanical gardens nestled on the south shore of Dolphin Bay. Learn how our cacao is grown in a sustainable manner. See how it is dried and roasted and turned into 100% organic chocolate and nibs. Samples are provided! 

  • Duration: 3h incl 30 min boat ride.

  • Cost: $15 per person (pay directly to Green Acres) +$30 for the boat ride per group

Ride to Bocas Town Or Almirante

  • "I found a tour in my guidebook that looks interesting, but it's not offered on this list. What do I do?" First, ask us. There's always a chance we'll be able to accommodate or create something custom for you. In the more likely event that we can't swing it, we can take you to Bocas Town where there are a plethora of tour companies offering group trips to places like Red Frog and Zapatillas. Your shared ride for your arrival and departure at CocoVivo is included in your AirBnb service fee. 

  • Cost: Special trips beyond that (shopping or tours) are $60 for up to 4 people, plus $10/hr of wait time.

Beach Tours also offered in Bocas

For less than 6 people, it might be more economical to book these trips from an operator in Bocas town, but if you’re at CocoVivo and would like some white sand beach time, here are your options: 

Zapatillas (Recommended)

  • Cayos Zapatillas are islands in a small archipelago plucked straight from a postcard and dropped off of the coast of Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro. The white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and palm trees are quintessentially Caribbean. Optional stop to spend up to 3 hours at a floating monkey sanctuary along the way where you can cuddle and play with the rescue monkeys.

  • Duration: 6 hours (incl. 1.5h boat ride, sometimes a bit choppy)

  • Cost: $180 for up to 6 people, $15 per additional person

  • Monkey sanctuary add-on: $20 per person extra, paid directly to the sanctuary

Starfish Beach

  • Our favorite! This white sand beach with crystal clear calm water is known for its gigantic bright orange starfish. Bring a mask and snorkel or just look at the from the surface. This beach is at the northern end of Isla colon. Food options range from lobster dishes to local vegetarian food.  A 20 minute walk takes you to Bocas del Drago beach, which is less developed. 

  • Duration: 4 hours (incl 1.5h boat ride)

  • Cost: $150 for up to 6 people, $10 per additional person

Red Frog Beach

  • Located on nearby Bastimentos Island, Red Frog Beach is one of the most scenic white sand beaches in Bocas del Toro. In recent years, a resort has been built up around the beach where guests can choose from an array of dining options, sip cocktails by the infinity pool, or book a relaxing massage.

  • Duration:  4 hours (incl. 1h boat ride)

  • Cost: $120 for up to 6 people, $10 per additional person

Tours (Seasonal and Dependent on the Availability of Skilled Guides)

Exploratory Adventures - whitewater kayaking, canyoning, jungle treks

  • One of the things Ulrich & Elisabeth love so much about CocoVivo is the endless opportunity for adventure, whether it be forging a trail in some undeveloped stretch of jungle, rappelling down a canyon, or paddling down a new river, we're always ready to try something new. Tell us what YOU want in an adventure, and we'll design something awesome. Who knows, if it turns out to be a hit, we might even offer it as an official 'activity' to future guests.

  • Note: This adventure is guided by Ulrich, who has 18 years of adventure and survivalist experience in Bocas del Toro. We can only offer it if Ulrich is in town. Part of the appeal is not knowing what will happen, so please be prepared for surprises, but know that you will be safe. 

  • Here are some examples of custom tours we’ve either done in the past or would love to do:

  • White-water kayaking

  • Snorkeling and looking for antique bottles by the old cemetery (2h, incl 30 min boat ride)

  • Tierra Oscura and Loma Estrella community visit and hike (3h, incl 30 min boat ride)

  • Snorkeling an old wreck (3h, incl 1h boat ride)

  • Cayo de Agua - remote island with wild beach, indigenous community (6h, incl 2h boat ride)

  • Calm water creek kayaking (2h, incl. 30 min boat ride)

  • Longer Expeditions:

  • Canyoning down the Rio Peje Bobo, Thai fish spa included (7h, incl 30 min boat ride and 2h drive)

  • Paddling the banana company canal, exploring miles of nearly inaccessible wild beach (5h, incl 2h boat ride)

  • Downriver paddling (various options ranging from 6h to 4 days, class I - whoknows?)

  • Duration, Cost: Variable. But if it turned out less than awesome, we only charge our cost.


  • If you're the type of person for whom adventure and speed go hand-in-hand, you're in luck: We have one wakeboard at CocoVivo, and the calm warm waters of our lagoon make for a smooth ride. We can offer some basic guidance too, but in general this activity is better for guests who have wakeboarded at least once before. We’ll bring a cooler.

  • Cost: $50 per hour


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