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Introducing your Superhosts

Reading through our Airbnb reviews, we often joke that our dogs, Capitan and Mazoo, are mentioned by name more often than anyone here on staff. Except it's not a joke; a quick keyword search of their names reveals Capitan and Mazoo are indeed the real stars of Cocovivo.

Here are some of the things our guests have to say about the doggos:

There are two dogs here that run the place- El Capitan and Mazu! They are the best guides and will hike with you and swim with you. I loved them because I felt safer hiking the first time out there with El Capitan leading the way.”

To top it all off Capitan and Mazu, the two doggos, were adorable companions to have during our stay.

PS: Capitan, the dog on premise, deserves 5 stars as well for his above and beyond cuteness.

…the sweetest dog ever, Capitan, who will accompany you on your kayaking trips if you let him.

We were also greeted and protected by El Capitan, the island dog who was able to detect and tell us when the stingray was near.

The dog, El Capitan, loves to ride along on the kayak!

Capitan the most friendly dog will join you on the paddle board if you would like!

Be prepared for a very friendly trio of dogs who will escort you and through the forest and the water dog, Capitan, who will ride on a paddle board with you for hours.

The coral reef is amazing and the two dogs of the team are super cute.

The dog who lives onsite is also a big ole sweetie and fun to have around!

While we were there we swam nightly to see the beautiful bioluminescents and went paddle boarding with the property dog (so cute)

we especially enjoyed hanging out with the resident pooches, El Capitain & Mazoo!

A special thank you to Melissa and her boyfriend the chef x Lots of space (yoga) WiFi was good (work) Chilled spots (relax) Dogs (absolutely loved them) Bioluminescence (skinnny dipping) Thank you :)

the 2 friendly dogs kick it up a notch.

the dogs, especially Capitan make the place a home away from home.

The real owners of this place are the four-legged kind. Capitan is an old soul and he takes care of you. He’s a protector by nature yet so loving and regal. I can’t explain but you’ll see what I mean when he meets you at the dock. Then there is mazoo. A puppy that looks like a 70 year old. Always down to play. While capitan has a strong and protective presence, mazoo is there to ensure that you have fun and remember you’re in paradise and to let loose.

Well appointed bungalows sitting adjacent to coral reefs, with an occasional view of dolphins and protected by Capitan, defender of the dock.

their cute dog, Capitan will join you as well! Feed him some treats and you'll have a loyal companion for all your hikes.

Outside is a deck with hammock and two chairs for you to relax into and watch out for birds, fish, dolphins and Kapitan the dog going for his daily swim

Capitan, the dog, is just the best ever. So friendly, and definitely the guard dog. He is always down for an adventure on your kayak or paddle board.

Spend time with Capitán! He was one of my favorite parts about the entire trip. Such a sweet dog that will keep you company in your kayak and even your cabin! If you are planning ahead, remember to bring him some treats. I found some organic beef pizzle and jerky. He became my loyal friend

Their dog is really funny and loves to come along on hikes and especially on your kayaking trips (if you invite him).

And Capitan, the old guardian of the docks, is an awesome dog who becomes a cherished companion on the island!

The bungalows are very charming and their sweet dog El Capitan was a lovely little addition.

Just a note that if you don't like dogs you might want to look elsewhere. If you do like dogs, then you're in luck!

We also fell in love with the dogs 😍

Be kind with Capitan (🐕)

Also, capitán (the dog) will keep you company and even kayak with you.

And we're in love with the dog greeter, Capitan, who slept outside our cabin at night like he was guarding us.

I had the company of the property dog (shout out to you Capitano!) when I went for a (guided) hike or paddling.

If you like dogs they have a great dog who will accompany you on any jungle walks or boat trips!

Ah, y Capitan...siempre presto a recibirte!

The two dogs el capitan and mazuu are the best dogs ever!

Una garza dormía en el manglar junto a la cabaña y los perros del staff (Capitán y Mazu) nos compañaban y guiaban siempre, tanto en tierra firme como sobre el arrecifle en la paddle board.

The dog, Capitán is adorable and loves attention from guests (he even tried to follow us into our cabin and sleep with us!).


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