Underwater Field Guide

One of the first things you'll notice about our reef is just how colorful it is. The lagoons of Bocas del Toro are home to a breathtaking array of colorful sponges, and many of these species live in concentration here at Cocovivo. Here's a snapshot of some of the variegated corals, sponges, and underwater creatures you may see while at Cocovivo:

We'd intended to make a blog post with a comprehensive encyclopedia of species until we realized the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute here in Bocas had already done so. This 70-page field guide contains most - if not all - the underwater corals and sponges you might see at Cocovivo. If you spot something not mentioned in this guide - let us know!

2005 Bocas del Toro Field Guide
Download PDF • 3.11MB


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